Strategy Tips


  • Avoid Encounters if possible. Sometimes you need to do this if time is getting short
  • Encounters are better if you meet the same players, because if you are sus, this would not make you more sus because people could think you killed another player. However, if you have encounters with the same person again and again… this is more trustworthy!
  • Is there a starting dead? Remember him, you can ignore this player. In best case another player has an encounter with him and you can find the ghost at a check later, which focuses the fake killer strongly.
  • Try to split up. Both cultists in the same place makes little sense. Since they can handle their movement at will, the cultist who comes later can always look where he can place himself well.
  • Remember, on route maps, the same colors never appear twice directly behind each other, so be careful where you place yourself.
  • Rather let the investigators come to you, then you can always argue with "I did NOT actively come to you".
  • Good ways for sabotage: unfortunately sometimes you can't get to your color, sometimes place sabotage cards (but not too many), in votings make sure you have the knife for more power
  • If you playing with Unsafe Passage deck, it could be nice to add a red card once another player already played a card (which was green for sure). You can add the red -1 card if you are not the only one who puts card into this deck, otherwise players know for sure that you are evil


  • Share your knowledge. Talk!
  • No matter how much trust you have at the table, always act for your team, not because the majority might trust the wrong players.
  • Start voting only with caution. Voting the wrong one means you are helping the cultists.
  • See if your goals are achievable. Most of the time, the points are usually achieved beginning at round 4-5, but then very quickly. But if time is running out and a point victory is hopeless, the only thing left to do is to find the cultists.
  • You should manipulate the Unsafe Passage deck. The odds starting with 50% good and 50% evil, so be smart and chance your odds! Unfortunately, Cultists will do the same.



  • Never try to get in the way in the hallways. This way you often block 2 rooms directly and players have to pass you (which makes you very suspicious).
  • If you can't find a perfect endpoint, the small corridor in the upper right between the cafeteria and the pink room is still the best corridor to be in (and to influence the Unsafe Paths deck).

Down into the Abyss

  • Decide wisely who you let ride with you in the boat. There are also encounters here!
  • Try to avoid the outer paths. It is always safer to go through the inner area. If it can not be avoided, of course, any outside path is fine, but possible tentacles can actively block the paths of players here.

Mountains of Chaos

  • Thanks to the revolving door, you need to plan ahead! See where you need to go next turn on your route map. The door always turns 90 degrees, so you might already know where which path is blocked.
  • The elevators are great shortcuts, but they are connected to electricity. Are there already electricity events done? Are there still potentially both of them coming? These are important factors whether the shortcuts are available to you or potentially fail when you need them. /

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